Artisanal sandwiches, Art and Community


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Artisanal Sandwiches, ART And Community

That’s My Jam Sandwiches— Home of Gourmet Fruit Fusion Jam Sandwiches

At That’s My Jam Sandwiches, delicious artisanal sandwiches, captivating art and chill music influence every aspect of our unique restaurant. These essential elements connect our food, customers and community.

As a result, our restaurant that aims to add a touch of creativity to everything we do including our art of sandwich making. Read more on: Rules of sandwich making. Also, our entire that’s My Jam team, led by myself Nikoo and my wife May, have a passion for bringing together new flavours and styles. I have worked in the television animation industry for over 10 years before switching hats by moving over to the restaurant industry which I have worked in for over 10 years. I’ve been planning building a brand that inspires creativity since leaving the creative field and thats how Thats My Jam Sandwiches came to be and continues to evolve in artisanal sandwiches, art and community. Similarly, May has a culinary passion that I have rarely seen that has helped lead the vision and over all direction of the menu. Together we hope to create something inspiring and unique. To sum it up, thats what we are about!


That’s my Jam Sandwiches is a brand that, amongst other things, loves to share our appreciation of art and art culture through our Artisanal sandwiches, Art and community because it truly means a lot to the team. However, we cannot embark on this journey authentically without voicing our commitment to being an inclusive organization. Most Importantly, We have an opportunity to write our own rules for success in this regard. Though we want to earn a living and grow, we also want to do this while simultaneously achieving the following goals:

1. To grow and educate a culturally diverse team on how to operate a successful business in a team environment. So they develop skills that can help them succeed in life after That’s My Jam

2. Engage our team to decide how we will contribute to the local community

3. Promote local artists through our social platforms

4. Provide access to educational advancement opportunities to support and further uplift the greater community.

5. Inspire Creativity

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Grow and educate a diverse team in the community

It has always been a passion of ours to use the restaurant business to educate our staff, by focusing on tasks/skills that can be used throughout their lives. Also, We always focus our training on how skills learned here can be used in life after TMJ.

Contribute to the local community

We can’t tackle this subject by ourselves, we need to get the team involved. Therefore, We will be tasking our team to decide on how we will help our local community, with a budget of $1000 for supplies/resources. Also, We will focus on causes that help the less fortunate and underrepresented.

Promoting local artists

This is the fun part for us. We love art and artists. We are artists, we have hired artists,  and always seek out artists to connect with and promote. We hope to grow our brand and presence online, and in turn, provide a place to shine. We have an entire dining room we would like to fill with artwork, we have no intention to profit from these artists but we may need to cover expenses. Click here: to check our finest work of arts and Events.

Commitment to representative inclusion

Hamilton is so deliciously rich in diversity and That’s My Jam Sandwiches is committed to showcasing that with the chosen employees. Therefore, this commitment includes connecting with, interviewing and hiring a diverse set of individuals despite their potential setbacks and roadblocks. We understand that a part of committing to representative inclusion includes giving underserved and often undervalued populations a fighting chance to work in our fine establishment of Artisanal sandwiches, Art and community.


Our value of diversity means that we proudly encourage BIPOC to apply for all of our positions. So, this inclusive recruitment is also intersectional and aims to encourage people of all genders and nationalities to join our team as well.

Inspiring Creativity

This is the most important one of them all, we want to inspire everyone, including ourselves when we walk through the doors. So, We do this with the food we make with healthy ingredients and serve, the artwork on the walls, the workshops we host and our general messaging in our social media.


We are about making delicious Artisanal sandwiches and creating an atmosphere that is inspiring for all people regardless of race, gender, creed etc. Discrimination in general is often unpredictable and unexpected when an incident happens. Therefore,  In order to protect our staff and patrons, That’s My Jam Sandwiches has adopted an Anti-Racism, Access and Equity Policy and Human Rights Complaint procedure as recommended by the Human Rights Commission of Ontario and the City of Hamilton Equity Policy. Read more on: Anti-Racism, Policy and Human Rights Complaint procedure as recommended by the Human Rights Commission of Ontario and the City of Hamilton Equity Policy.



The Policy and Complaints Procedure comprises three sections:


A: Statement of Commitment


B: Policy and Actions on Anti-Racism, Access & Equity


C: Human Rights Complaints Procedure


This policy has been adapted since we opened as it was originally an anti-racism policy. As committed as we are to being a workplace free of racism, it goes beyond race so we have adjusted the verbiage a little to be more inclusive. Above all, the policy aims to clarify and establish clear boundaries that we can operate within in a safe manner for all parties concerned. Reach out to us, we deliver. Contact us If you have any questions.